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November (Dax month)
- Arrvial. (People from home here- Remilia (Violet Collar) and Wriggle (Blue Collar). Names in Graveyard- Marisa)
-Translators go down. Could not understand anyone who wasn't speaking the same language one spoke.
-Others, including myself, Ended up speaking and understanding other languages. (Welsh and something else I never found out for myself.)
- Network had to be 'rebooted' and the translators were up once more. Could understand everyone once more
- That night, a strange post with audio was posted. Can not be found anymore- VERY unsettling.
-Spoke with person behind the post. (Ruana?) Watched other conversations with same person. (Something about Psionics?)
-Remilia upset the person but asking a question. Hand came through her screen and mashed her into the screen until mush.
-I lost my temper and decided to do the same. Lost control of myself (Not my doing.) and did something unforgivable. (I will NOT write/say/ANYTHING about this. I'm SERIOUS.)
-Rest of month, nothing noteworthy that I saw.

December (JASON month)
- Joined a meeting about trying to rebel against the admins. Did not say much, just listened.
- Next day joined in the attack (Well..Stood there and pushed worker units aside) in both the restaurant and the Infirmary. Jason showed up with Red collared units. We fought, my collar was touched by a unit and it suddenly my body would not respond to me. Jason touched his watch and Remilia's magic disappeared. Both of us were captured and taken to cells.
-No food, just water brought to us. Cell 37 acted weird. Pressure in the air and a female figure appeared. Attempted to talk to the figure but when it responded it sounded like many people talking at once. Could not understand.
- After 3 days, Child (Admin?) came down and freed us somehow. (Blacked out and woke up in my bed)
- People started getting sick a lot. Tower freezing.
-Remilia, Wriggle and Myself all ended up sick and had hallucinations.
- Sakuya arrives at this time (Violet collar). Vanellope as well (Violet Collar)
- Once sickness was gone, Received a black outfit. I do not recognize it but it fits.

-January (Riki Month)
- The Yama arrives at this point (Violet collar)
- Most of the month people were made to believe that long periods of time had past and they had been in the tower for that long.
-Remilia, Sakuya, Wriggle and Myself all had been there 500+ years and had a resistance? Gained fake memories to go with it.
- Once things went back to normal, Admins made a post about a Project? and going to a wedding. (Did not go.)
- Remilia disappears from the tower. (Name appears in graveyard)

February (Ruana Month)
- Marisa and Remilia arrive (Names vanish from stones. Marisa has Blue collar, Remilia a Violet)
- More people show up in the infirmary, Not collared, Could not leave there for a while?
-Network went down..Said something about a game.
- Dream experiment? Had to find old woman's finger?
- Ended up losing one of my own fingers in the game. Died in sleep due to not finding a finger. Scared Remilia and Sakuya. (Oops)
- Admin elevator opened and joined the group heading in to explore it.
- Went into a door with two others. (Gamzee and Tavros) Ended up in a toy room that was a mess. Got locked inside with a music box that had a ghost. Ghost bit Tarvos's arm. We ran to the next room to escape. At the end of that room was a playground with shadow children playing. Playing 'Button game' Worked with Gamzee to retrieve the button. Pressed it and escaped when music box ghost showed up again. (Did not want to deal with that thing again. Gamzee is FAST)
- Once everyone returned to the center, another elevator showed up. Went down with the second group. (Gamzee, Tarvos and Feferi) Fell into pit next to my own corpse. (That is something I do not wish to repeat again...Kinda creepy)
- Watched Soul Extraction and lost temper with rest of group. Tried to break down door only to be caught by Jason. Jason then proceeded to put us through the Soul Extraction ALIVE. (Do not recommend. EXTREMELY PAINFUL) Died for the second time.
- Dax is killed by Ruana.

March (?? Month)
- Remilia, Sakuya and Marisa all disappear. (All appear on headstones)
- Distracted this month. Did not hear/do much due to trying to stay dry/warm/alive period. Weather went crazy in tower.

April- (Jason Month)
-Arrivals- Reimu (Violet) and Marisa (Blue). Marisa's name still on headstone. Different things happened?
-After meeting with them in the graveyard, I went to the infirmary for some medicine for a headache. Was taken down by red units and taken into the elevator.
-Strapped down and operated on..Very painful.
-Was brainwashed to believe that I worked for the Admins. Skinned and had shield implanted into my chest.
-Guarded doorways..became violent randomly...Ended up being killed (Thank you.) Came back next day, still the same until called back. Some were spies?
-Recived Knife set...Sakuya's Knives
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