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NAME: Hong Meiling/ Meiling Hong
CANON: Touhou Project
AGE: 19 in AU, Unknown in canon
GENDER: Female
YEAR IN SCHOOL/FACULTY POSITION: 11th Grade (Held back in school)

Meiling isn't much different from a normal human on a physical level, even though she is a youkai. The only things that would set her apart for the most part is the fact she has no weak points and she seems to be an expert on controlling her Ki. While everyone throws out spell cards and magic, she would rather fall back on her Hand-to-Hand and Ki attacks. Due to this, many view her as weak, due to the fact that Gensokyo is won and lost due to the spell card system. Due to her preference of the more physical type of battles, she had very few spell cards for normal battles.

She is very honest and one of the more friendly youkai known. She will chat with just about anyone if they let her. The only time that friendly nature disappears is when someone is trying to intrude into the Mansion or show that they are a major threat to anyone she cares about. If she has an opinion on something or someone, she will state it outright. She isn't meaning to be rude, she just feels like it isn't right to hide it. She is horrible at lying at the same time. If it is to boost someone’s confidence or to cheer them up though, she will attempt to bend the truth enough to make them happy. If it is to protect someone, she will try even harder at this, even if she can be easily found out.

Meiling is dedicated to her Primary duties of being the Gatekeeper of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Very few people can get past her, due to her being very versatile. Although the job can be engaging at times, Most of the time is quiet, letting her practice her Tai Chi Chuan at times or even, take a nap. Some make her out to be lazy, but it is only because they had caught her in the middle of her afternoon nap. Another part of her job is dedicated to the gardens, which she takes much pride in. There have been times she has trouble with them, when the 'crop circles' appeared in the flowers. But other than that, she loves her job.

She is also fiercely loyal to her employer, Remilia, her sister, Flandre, and the others who are also employed at the mansion, Sakuya, Patchouli and Koakuma. When it comes to their safety, she will do anything to keep them from harm if they let her. If they were to also ask her to do something for them, she would do it. She sees the group as her friends and her family. This to her means that if someone was a threat to them, she would try to take them out, non-lethal first mind you! She hasn't had to do this, nor kill anyone in a very long time and hopes to keep it that way.

In the AU she's obviously slightly different then in canon. She has a slight interest in power limiters due to testing them out when she was younger and seems to have picked up how they work for the most part. The only thing she doesn't have is the electronics skill to mess with them. Meiling is also not as skilled in Tai Chi Chuan as her canon counterpart but is slowly working onto trying to be the best she can be in it. She feels as if she can gain control of her mutation with it and other ways that do not involve limiters. Also her loyalty to the Scarlet's is still there, just to the name and to whoever has the limiters she tested. She may not have met them but there is a wish to stay close. There is a slight bit of shame and uncomfortable feeling at the fact she has been held back in school for so long. She hopes that maybe she can avoid people tormenting her about it.

POWERS/ABILITIES: Chi Manipulation- Manipulation of the life energy going through one's body. Can be used for good things like healing or strengthening one's body but can cause great cost to the user. It takes training and control to use it properly and not harm the controller or who it was being used on. Sometimes it can also be seen as a aura glowing around the body or specific parts alone depending on how it is being used.

This allows Meiling to enhance herself or others using their chi flow. Of course this would take a lot of control and practice which, at the moment, she does not have. At the moment her powers are constantly on and enhancing her own body. This has the nasty side effect of draining her energy quickly. This causes her to fall asleep at any point in time when her energy is too low. Even if she is in class or even standing up.

At the moment it tends to make her body tougher, taking a lot more damage then normal and if focused, enhances her strength. Healing still takes time but tends to heal ehr faster. Any major injury would knock her out for quite some time. Manipulating the Chi in others would take a while and specialized practice and in the end she could probably only be able to make the energy focus on healing.

The Hongs were a somewhat normal family, Both parents in the employ of the Scarlet family, although they didn't personally know them. They lived peacefully and went about as if nothing was wrong. They had 4 children, Meiling being the 3rd child. They lived in the USA for a while, sending the children to school and focusing on making sure they were alright.

When Meiling was 4 though is when her mutation kicked in at full force. She was falling asleep at random times and there were points that one could not wake her. This worried her parents and was mistakenly diagnosed with Narcolepsy. With that in place, they tried to move forward, working around the issue and not thinking much of it. As she started school was when it became a problem, falling asleep during class and falling behind After the first few times she barely passed her classes, Meiling was pulled out of school for a bit so they could run tests on her.

It was at this point that someone figured out what was really 'wrong' with her. During a stay at the hospital, there was a accident with a few other children and some wheelchairs that left the group fairly injured. It would take a while to heal...except Meiling seemed to be fine within a few days. At this oddity on doctor pulled them aside and mentioned it was possible that the girl might be a mutant and that the Narcolepsy was a side affect of it.

Once she was out of the hospital, the family got a request to see Meiling for something from their employers. It took them a bit to make sure things would eb alright while Meiling and her mother were away but they made the trip. When they got there they were mildly surprised at why they had been requested. They had heard about Meiling's unique power issues and had an idea that would solve two issues at once. The offer of the girl testing the power limiters that was to be used to help their youngest was a strange one but they left the decision to Meiling. It wasn't long before she willingly agreed, wanting to help out as best she could. Even though there were times that it seemed like she wanted to stop because it was strange or it felt wird, Meiling didn't give up until they found something that would work.

After a while, Meiling had picked up enough knowledge about power limiters that she would make suggestions on how to get them to work. Some things had worked and some things just failed. So she decided if she was going to help out with this, it would be best to offer up ideas to figure it out. At the point where they were hoping the limiters set up in a pair of wings would work. During this they noticed it still would only hold a charge for so long. At that point the little girl asked if the pretty crystals could maybe store the charge as they would probably be easier to remove and replace then trying to replace the wings over and over. When they first tried it, it didn't work so well..but then she mentioned something about colors not wanting to work unless it was in a specific order. They were skeptic but switched the colors of the crystals around. At that point it worked nearly perfectly. They wanted to use them the way they were but she again reminded them that the colors might not work for the owner of the wings in the order it worked for Meiling. With that in mind, they took them and ended up relieving Meiling of her testing duties.

Once she wasn't needed to test out the limiters, Meiling refused to use the ones that would work on her. She decided she wanted to work through it on her own. She did a decent job, focusing on martial arts as a hobby. She still struggled with school, as her powers were constantly eating at her energy. She failed High school a few times, being pulled from school once again when the Phoenix incident hit and kept out of sight for a number of years. At this point, the teen had a better idea of where to go to school. She had been offered a chance to go to the Institute in previous years but had been too focused on trying to help. With that the 19 year old packed up her bags and enrolled when she was pulled back out of hiding. She had heard that the Scarlet siblings were there as well...a part of her wanted to find them at some point but if not, She was wanting to learn.



Well..I guess it's safe to say that this place is both the weirdest and most accepting school I've ever been in. I mean, Still get the teasing and some amount of trouble but not as much as on of my old schools.

[The redhead leans back on a chair and balances on the two back legs for the moment.]

I guess it's more because this is more for people who get the whole mutations bit more then do your schoolwork and don't be different type. Kinda cool..even though I feel silly being where I am in the school. But that doesn't matter! I'm here to finish school and work with what I can. I mean, There isn't much else out there for someone who can't stay awake...right?



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