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Player Information

Name: kati
Personal Journal: LostTruth
Age: 28
Contact Info: This journal!
Other Characters Played: N/A

Character Information

Character Name: Meiling Hong
Character Series: Touhou Project
Character Age: Several Hundred years old, Looks to be about 20-25
Character Gender: Female
Canon Point: Post-Hisoutensoku
Background Link: CANON 1, CANON 2
Personality: Meiling isn't much different from a normal human on a physical level, even though she is a youkai. The only things that would set her apart for the most part is the fact she has no weak points and she seems to be an expert on controlling her Ki. While everyone throws out spell cards and magic, she would rather fall back on her Hand-to-Hand and Ki attacks. Due to this, many view her as weak, due to the fact that Gensokyo is won and lost due to the spell card system. Due to her preference of the more physical type of battles, she had very few spell cards for normal battles.

She is very honest and one of the more friendly youkai known. She will chat with just about anyone if they let her. The only time that friendly nature disappears is when someone is trying to intrude into the Mansion or show that they are a major threat to anyone she cares about. If she has an opinion on something or someone, she will state it outright. She isn't meaning to be rude, she just feels like it isn't right to hide it. She is horrible at lying at the same time. If it is to boost someone’s confidence or to cheer them up though, she will attempt to bend the truth enough to make them happy. If it is to protect someone, she will try even harder at this, even if she can be easily found out.

Meiling is dedicated to her Primary duties of being the Gatekeeper of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Very few people can get past her, due to her being very versatile. Although the job can be engaging at times, Most of the time is quiet, letting her practice her Tai Chi Chuan at times or even, take a nap. Some make her out to be lazy, but it is only because they had caught her in the middle of her afternoon nap. Another part of her job is dedicated to the gardens, which she takes much pride in. There have been times she has trouble with them, when the 'crop circles' appeared in the flowers. But other than that, she loves her job.

She is also fiercely loyal to her employer, Remilia, her sister, Flandre, and the others who are also employed at the mansion, Sakuya, Patchouli and Koakuma. When it comes to their safety, she will do anything to keep them from harm if they let her. If they were to also ask her to do something for them, she would do it. She sees the group as her friends and her family. This to her means that if someone was a threat to them, she would try to take them out, non-lethal first mind you! She hasn't had to do this, nor kill anyone in a very long time and hopes to keep it that way.

After her time in Animus, Meiling is a bit more subdued, if not a bit sad. The torments that the tower threw at her kept chipping away at her normally happy outlook. She's a bit more somber and less likely to believe things when told. Also that protective nature of hers? Bump that up about 100 times. She's tired of seeing her family and friends die just to be resurrected in that horrible way. After roaming her home world, not much else has changed from this, She wants to find a way to restore her home..bring it back to what she knew before.

Abilities: Danmaku- Very non lethal. Magical bullets that will sting those used to them or could knock the breath out of someone. Meiling has very few spell cards and probably will not use them. BUT just for the record, her spell cards are Here. The ones she MIGHT use often are Here and Here as they are more Hand-to-Hand with Ki mixed in.

Hand-to-Hand and Ki control- She is a expert in her own right of the art of Tai Chi Chuan and the manipulation of Ki. This is all on her own doing and will practice it if given the chance, keeping her skills up to par.

Youkai body- She is a bit more sturdy and resistant to pain and injuries. It would take a lot more to bring her down then a normal human. There is speculation on what type of Youkai she is. Many fans say she is a dragon, due to the many hints in her name and the way she is. (Unless I get ZUNed, This should not be a problem. I head canon her to be a dragon as well and she is able to return to her dragon form, A Chinese dragon. But she will not show this unless she ABSOLUTELY has to, which would take a while anyways because she has not done this is a VERY long time. Dragons are rare you know!)
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